Corporate Citizenship

At Worldpay, we are committed to doing the right thing in every aspect of our business, including efforts related to corporate citizenship and global sustainability.

Being a good corporate citizen at our Company means engaging with and understanding the needs of all our stakeholders. From clients to colleagues, from government entities to non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and from the public at large to the environment, we work to drive shared success and positive impact.

Environment - Worldpay recognizes that our planet must be a sustainable home for current and future generations, and the Company is committed to managing its activities in such a way so as to prevent pollution and to reduce adverse impacts to the environment. Worldpay’s environmental strategy is built on important initiatives, including stakeholder engagement, employee education and decarbonization measures. It involves setting aspirational environmental goals and reporting on our global energy usage, GHG emissions, water withdrawal and waste reduction.

Social - Worldpay seeks to earn the trust of our stakeholders by operating our global business in a responsible way, helping ensure the digital payments eco-system is accessible to everyone and is managed in a way that protects consumers from fraud and cyber-criminals. The Company is also committed to robust human capital management practices, including driving high-levels of employee engagement, investing in talent development and fostering diversity and inclusion.

Governance - Worldpay is committed to operating with integrity and the highest ethical standards and has implemented comprehensive governance structures and practices that meet or exceed the requirements of applicable laws, regulations and rules. Our commitment to operating responsibly includes programs to manage operational risks and uphold compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and rules governing ethical business conduct.

Together, we are changing more than just the future of payments. We are charting the path to make a better world for all.

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